Our 100% Plastic Free and Biodegradable Teabags

From the very start, we wanted Steep Tea to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Therefore, from the off, we knew that meant having the right teabags. After spending some time researching, we found a fantastic company (Just down the road!) who could help us pack our range of stunning teas into 100% plastic-free and biodegradable teabags. 

So what are they made of then? 

The teabag material is made from corn starch, making them not only plastic-free but also biodegradable. Win-Win! While they will biodegrade in your standard home composting, the process is far quicker under industrial processing so just pop it into the same bin as your food waste. 

While the inner bag may look and feel like plastic it is really made from wood pulp. Once you have finished up all your teabags then pop the bag straight into your food waste bin or home composting.